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El-Tawfik factory was established in 2003 with a starting production capacity 60 Tons yarns per year but that wasn't good enough to fulfill the needs of the market, so the company decided to boost its rate of production to 210 Tons/Month. And this decision was a success to the company by increasing the profits earned but still wasn't enough to keep up with our customer's requests, so the company decided one more time to increase the production capacity to 285 Tons/Month in year 2010.

The production seemed legit to our customers and clients, but it wasn't enough for us. So we didn’t stop right there and we continued moving forward by increasing the number of machines, to obtain the most satisfying results which is 360 Tons/Month.

We are producing yarns with high quality and variety like, poly propylene and polyester The (CF and BCF types).And with the number of 90 highly trained workers on the most advanced types of machines, Using "Bozzetto Oil" which is manufactured in Italy and "Master Batch" from Clariant Company located in Germany. Just for the sake of achieving the success and leadership in what we offer.


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El-Tawfik factory was Founded in 2003 by Mr.SAYED TAWFIK with a starting production capacity of 60 Tons per year. Now due to our hard work and the dedication of our team, Our production capacity is up to 360 Tons per month.

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